'ALEXA' is a semi-existential conversation between the dominant parts of ourselves which focuses on why a female must have reasoning and sentiment trapped behind her for every decision she makes; heroic or villainous.  In a hark back to the Ancient Greek tragic anti-heroines such as Medea, ALEXA looks to challenge and in places directly confront this, reflecting on gender based issues held within our contemporary society. This production sees Alex, an artist, create powerful textures through the destruction of individuals, which seemingly form part of her own psyche. 


'Furies' is inspired by R.S Thomas' piece, No Truce with the Furies. Our 'Furies' charts a surreal mapping of subconscious fears and identity through vengeance, self discovery and beauty. The performance aims to chronicle a cleansing process in a void, not defined by time or reasoning and to experiment with ideas of aesthetics and passion. A world of violence, madness, prayer and silence, the real, surreal and the metaphysical come together to mirror a juxtaposition of the self.